It takes one creative professional to know "design" is a universal language. It took nearly 1500 designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, media graduates and agencies in a course of 4 years to give us padpholio. It is our vibrant community and our love to give back to the creative community made this project so special to our hearts. We want to thank and call out two special hearts who have dedicated their time to add a touch of class and something fun for all of us here:

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Natalia Kantor

A Multi-Platform Producer who took the initiative and vibrant energy to make our crew feel themselves at Cg6 Inc 2010 year-end party. She captured our tones and stories through her camera and lights. We thank her in making the night memorable. We have a face and that could not have not happened without her dedication. Check us out, at "team padpholio". Visit Natalia's padpholio directly,

Ariel Meitz

We had the wonderful liberty to meet Ariel at our Portfolio Night in 2010, a Recent Graduate from Mohawk College - Ariel captured us with her talent and unique personality. Nearly 6 months later, we asked her to create her work live as Cg6 Inc had its 2010 year-end party. As a Cartoonist, she made the night fun and sweet. Our guests are real people; with real hearts and real personalities. And now; they are ICONS on padpholio's "Pricing & Signup" page. Follow Ariel's padpholio:

Nour Bawab

In April 2011, we have hosted the world's first week long portfolio prep & review event. Bringing the industry's sweetest Creative Directors and Senior Designers to review Toronto's freshest creatives in a 1-on-1 initiative session. This recurring and held event is proudly known as ShowBook Week. In part, fine creative folks like Nour Bawab designed ShowBook Week brand which can seen at our signature Niche Series site (top left).. To check out more of the Graphic Designers work, his up Nour's padpholio directly, padpholio/NourBawab

The list of credits doesn't end here, we are constantly searching to appreciate the creative industry. With over 6,000,000 potential designers and creative hearts we, credit; appreciate and love back our community as we bring padpholio to life. You think you got talent and want to share you creative flavour. Open an account, throw up a few of your work and send it to us..We love to talk shop.