nichefive | portfolio review & internship night for the masses

Our newly appointed committee has been working extra hard last few months to put together a reformatted Portfolio Review & Internship Night. We proudly call this night, “nichefive“. Toronto has been our hub of the ages. By putting together a night where creatives can come together, share insights, loves of the field and be themselves to provide input and be directed is our way to shine and simply say thank you for everything. On May 8th, 2012 we are not expecting a big night – but we are expecting something.

nichefive is a locally run portfolio review & internship night. Designed for talented creatives and visual artists in areas of media, design, interactive and publishing; however not limited to interior and industrial design + contempt art. The evening allows you to engage with industry talent, creatives and agencies/galleries in a laid back landscape among the like-minds. Discuss and Share tips and advices of being noticed within the industry by the industry. Partake in an evening of full insights, critiques and book reviews. In return, you may land a ton of cards and contacts, on-going contracts and paid internships. OR even find a talent or two to work with and make friends with.

What is nichefive to you?

  1. A limited avail evening gathering among creatives, directors and curators.
  2. A social gathering of like-minds.
  3. A night of reviews, critiques and directions.
  4. An evening of reflections, opportunities and insights.
  5. Open to all the creative masses; not just graduates.
  6. A spot of knowledge on being noticed by industry creatives.

Reading this, we know you know that you have an interest in the arts and design. Especially if your love and passion lines up along the areas of media, design, interactive and publishing – this is surely the evening for you. With less than 2-weeks to go as this post goes pubic, spots are limited and going fast. Learn more, reserve your spots and share the night by visiting our niche series landing page.

See you at the other side..


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NAME THAT TAG Contest Draw to win an all access pass to showbook week and padpholio niche

We’ve put together some important dates. Not the one you take out for dinner and a movie. The ones you are proud to ride your work on. If you have been following our blog; you would know that May 1st is something you truly want to mark your calendars for aside. Cuz if you seriously don’t, then you might as well wet your bed for passing this night by.

Tuesday, May 8th, we will proudly open up our doors for the 5th experience - padpholio nicheA portfolio review & internship night for visual artists in areas of media, design, interactive and publishing. You don’t have to be a graduate to attend this ONE evening event – you just have to have great work. THE attitude to flaunt it to industry professionals and media enthusiast. And just because of that, we are going to give you an insiders access to proudly owning your work on the world wide web without a paying a penny more than coming out to that night. A respecting value of up-to $192. “own it”

We are not going to stop there… Were you aware that padpholio niche is kicking of May 8th as its 5th year? Over 600 creatives of all walks, from as far as Germany have attended this special night in TWO great Canadian cities. Lots of opportunities been landed – ongoing contracts to this day, paid internships, agency startups and even jobs. REMEMBER when we said, we are not going to stop there… well we are not.. really!! Look here > From April 14th till 20th; we will open up to 50 young and experienced creatives to have a one-on-one exclusive meet with their books and an art director. You will have a chance to share your work to up-to 10 directors for 45 straight minutes and get real industry input, direction that you have been craving to have. What’s more!! we will reserve your spot for padpholio niche; giving you an opp to focus on building up your portfolio for the evening. You simply can buy your tickets at the door as if you got them online at a discounted pricing. We call this special one-on-one engagement > SHOWBOOK WEEK 2012. “own it” by booking an evening with a director. An awesome value of $18/45 minutes.

NOW, we are sure your getting the idea.. this is not an event you want to pass up. Lets make it more exciting > HUH! What… there is more…

$531 in combined value more.. As of Sunday, March 11th for 29 straight days; you will have a chance to test your knowledge of our wonderful city – Toronto. The artists, the community, the people and what more – your ability to increase your chances to get ONE all access pass to showbook week 2012 with up-to 10 directors with a complimentary entry to padpholio niche for you and TWO of your most creative friends; 3 drink tickets and an insiders premium upgrade to; whereby you will able to own the web and surely get your work noticed by agencies. Did we mention; that your attending friends will get that too!! Sweet!!


  1. Visit our facebook fan page :
  2. Like us, share us if you haven’t done so yet.
  3. Look at our cover photo; know it? Follow the instructions where to go to tag it.
  4. Submit your answers and repeat step 1.

All tagged photos will be announced on our facebook fan site. Tip: Be the first to tag the photo with the correct answer to increase your draw chances of winning the full prize.

It’s simple as that. It costs you absolutely nothing to play “name that tag”.  Winner will be announced on our social media properties and padpholio social (newsletter) on April 10th, 2012.

Name That Tag wouldn’t have been possible without the effortless support and contribution of Nour Bawab; our Assisting Coordinator on padpholio niche and padpholio’s Tm Mahdi, CD/Director & Co-Founder. Until the next announcement.



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CHOICES CHOICES: what’s your phone trait?


It wasn’t that long when the rotary phone was the most hipping tool around. Boy! have we advanced. Just recently while scrambling on some distant collectable items.. I found a piece of history among the mess. A bulky solid grey plastic with a rubby pullout antenna from the days of Cantel.

Cantel AT&T, A former Canadian mobility company now owned by Rogers Communications and later renamed Rogers Wireless


YES, that’s the phone of the ages when mobile technology was first introduced. And for those of who won’t remember the fonding days will simply claim that today’s phones will be tomorrow’s history and this story just a cycle of many to come.

Who knows.. maybe there will be a time when mobile devices won’t be grabbed on, but quiet possibly stitched in like drones. Till that day comes we will consider how to reinvent the wheel that needs no introductions. In this visit; we decided to give our users a choice. Between being reached by the traditional phone line/landline with all the special ringtones that come attached to the base or simply utilizing the latest in digital integration’s – skype.

You have a choice on how to be reached, when in need. Simply hit up your account settings and apply your details in.

This introduction could not have been possible without the inputs of Community Manager & Designer, Georgia Sapounas. Providing us lots of valuable tips over skype.

Till the next fix and I don’t mean the sugar type.. though the last few releases have been pretty sweet!!




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bringing back via demand, Graduate Series as “padpholio niche”


Would you believe the creation of padpholio was actually derived by a popular annual night since established in 2007. What was once, Ontario’s largest portfolio review and internship night is now a portfolio engine focused to assist local designers and media enthusiast, graduates and students like yourself to be web found and sooner noticed by agencies and industry recruiters.

In fact, much of 2011; our team took time off aside from the Graduate Series to build padpholio; the test beta presence you are experiencing today; now can be touched upon in a new realm of showing off. Video below created by the much loved up+atom on 2010, Graduate 4.0 (now introduced as “padpholio niche“).


The Graduate Series comes to you with a lot of history; sweet accomplishments, top mentions and a channel of much respected supporting schools from all across Ontario and Quebec with designers presenting their work from as far as Germany in our home-town.

BIG DIFFERENCE: unlike the Graduate Series, NicheFIVE is open to all from the industry; especially in the areas of  media, design, interactive and publishing. Spots are limited in this artistically enduring venue, so you can proudly top up your books with some influential inputs by creative directors/partners, agencies and respected shops. Not to mention recruiters; employers and industry connectors that maybe in search of new talent – someone just like yourself.

Open up your calendar, set an event for May 1st – and let Toronto debut in this flavourable shameless act of love; with one soul purpose – to make you better. Join our alerts to be informed of the latest news, developments and perks. As well upcoming schedule; registration detail and volunteer. If you have interests in sponsoring and want some traction; don’t be shy to review our media kit for 2012 niche series.

We love questions, call Cg6 Inc 1416.238.6881 to get you off-the-ground.
Like and share our fan page; cuz we know you want to!


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Fruitful Beginnings: Welcoming Behance, Cargo Collective, deviantART users


Since the last shout-out. Our team huddled up yet again on one of our favourite and most experimental gatherings, devCrunch. While we plugged away on improving Version 1.9, we are proud to introduce some welcoming outlooks for the typical graphic designer.

Day in, Day out – graphic designers meet a common issue; the appropriate tools to promote themselves better. With the so many online communities; web and creative platforms, hosting enterprises and social hubs; what does it take for a typical graphic designer to rank themselves better and actually be noticed among the noise of the world wide web.

The common issue typical graphic designers face is the very reason why padpholio was built in the first place. If you are a typical designer with multiple portfolio accounts with respected creative platforms and communities like behance, cargo collective, virb, deviantART and dribbble; then look no further in trying to mash up your marketing materials with too many web voices. Simply create a padpholio account and let us do all the work for you. Better ranking and one place to call home.

In Translation: You have no idea, how many business cards I personally have seen by creative and talented graphic designers and developers who tried to fit on average two long urls + a web site in their business card; just to get the added premises on their work. And considering creative platforms like behance, cargo and virb haven’t done what we have done. It is just natural for us to include more of such wonderful platforms to our web platform. And to say the least, this is not the end – expect to see a lot more inclusions in the coming months.

The fact is, the timing of padpholio coming to market while similar flavoured services are roaming the web is just the reason we need to be here for you.

Just last March, in Toronto we had an interesting and thought provoking debate to a closed circle of very talented industry skilled creatives, entrepreneurs and producers on “pricing”. This open format discussion was debated if as creatives and designers, agency holders and directors should publically disclose our rates. Inputs from the group varied and the bottomline seriousness of the topic depended on the input and turnout of the type of clients a graphic designer would like to take on.

Taking On is a keyword here. Rather than disclosing hourly rates, we have allowed you to disclose the size of the projects you like to take on. As in gigs. Through a simple drop down menu, you can simply select the range that best suites you. If you have no preference, then the answer is simply, “Any”.


Your response will be reflective in your public portfolio. And will be fully enabled under our refined search results in the upcoming version updates.

The inputs above and on padpholio is graciously made possible through the proud contributions of Toronto’s, Robert Cairns – specializing in WordPress Designs, Blogging & Social Media.

And most importantly, if you are not Robert; we would love and appreciate to hear your feedback, thoughts and inputs on these new additions. ESPECIALLY, if you are a user (not a drug dealer) but can be an addict of services like Behance, Cargo Collective, deviantART, virb and dribbble. We thrive to make padpholio better, one input at the time. Let us know, keep us posted – join our channels and discus what’s on your mind: facebooktwitterlinkedin.

Until the next fix :)



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appreciating the details, introducing version 1.9


From week-to-week, our team huddles up around one station and crunch not on numbers, but on design, efficiency and well-being of padpholio, its users and outlook on growth. It is one moment that we are all excited about to meet and exceed on tasks and goals. We proudly call this moment, devCrunch.

On the release of Version 1.9, we had live updates on the hour, every hour. Saturday, January 21st – our very first devCrunch for 2012 was extremely accomplishing. 21 tasks and goals met and now live on padpholio.

Most importantly, we love to hear your feedback. Your thoughts, your inputs is what thrives us to make padpholio better, stronger and inspiring for our creative community. Don’t hesitate to shout-out directly, or through our social media channels: facebook | twitter | linkedin. The fixings of 1.9 has propelled from the input of others in areas of Social Branding, Usability, Financial, Marketing and Blogsphere.

Lets make it clear. We are in Test Beta Mode. That only means, there is a lot more to do than what meets your eye and we love your feedback, thoughts and inputs. It only helps us to make padpholio a much better engine for all creatives. You get?

21 tasks and goals were met, here is a few to share:

Moving Forward: For many months our landing page, as hurtful to the eye it might is not letting you know if we are an active community or not. There is nothing interactive about it. While we crunch on our new landing page to release soon. We like to present you some direction of where we stand in our developments. First of, gander your beautiful eyes up to our header and look what the arrow has brought in. We are currently in Version 1.9 and just left the world of 1.8. You can visit our blog for frequent updates and developments of our current and most up-to-date releases and look back of all the ones we were on (starting from 1.9).

You are now in the loop. Moving forward, visit our blog often for the latest updates on everything to do with the platform + community news an developments.

  • My suggestion is to join our mailing list. It only helps you and us. You can currently find our mailing list form at padpholio home page. This will change soon enough. And we will fix liner as it happens.

myPad: My who? Upon logging into your account, you will relize that we no longer have “My Account”. myPad is your home; a place where you grab passion and love off the shelf and apply new designs. A place where you can call home and make changes as frequently as possible or as little possible. And like a home, you will have guests. Those guests will either be feature changes, upgrades or simply stats of where you stand.

Counter Talks: Ok, it literally doesn’t talk to you. That would be actually really annoying if it does. We found it being really annoying to have a bio section without knowing what’s your character limit. So we did something, I am sure you will thank us for … add a counter. For the moment we have limited this section to 500 characters. If you are one of those  chatter-box,  do let us know, we would be happy to increase the limit at our next upcoming devCrunch.

Skype: For users with Natalia, Nerissa, Trevor and Phunk – can now have Skype applied to their accounts. While Marilyn and Emily plans are limited to having their phones on file.

Shorting the URL: Now that was long… We are not referring one of those short url services like tinyURL and We releasing end of 2012 a short url for your padpholio portfolio; whereby you can proudly flaunt on your web and media presence. In this moment, your padpholio account looks like this:

TOC/Privacy Statement: Now we have one. It’s as simple as that. You are more than welcome to download the PDF version or simply read the entire two pages at the footer of the site. If you have any questions, let us know. If you think we abused anything, let us know. And if you think if there was trademark infringement… again.. let us know…

Now that wasn’t hard .. was it.. Actually it wasn’t. They were tiny modifications for something bigger in this release. Here is what you expect to see 1.9:

  • A sweeter landing. With tips and suggestions, why you should join and share padpholio to your friends and colleagues.
  • Better search results. You cannot call yourself a portfolio engine – if searching is not your main thing. This is one area that will be improved at every visit.
  • Being in the know. Don’t you want to know where you rank? How many follows you have? And what you can do about it to make it a better experience? We were stunt when we reviewed the details on our end. We want to share you what we see and how to make it a better experience for you and us.
  • More options. Opt-In/Out on feature offerings, portfolio definition and upgrades.
  • Phunk advancements. Refined searching, better layout, more integration to make your agency noticed better.

The introductory release of v1.9 could not be made possible by the wonderful suggestions of:

  1. Synchronized Skater Champion; Social Media Girl & Blogger, Georgia Sapounas
  2. Interactive Media Producer & Artist, Advisor to padpholio, Faisal Anwar
  3. Financial Advisor, IA Proficient, Photographer, Advisor to padpholio, Mimi Lee
  4. Sales and Marketing Director, Really good in what she does, Vivianne Gauci
  5. Proud WordPress Designer, Blogger & Social Media Guru, Robert Cairns

Until the next fix :)


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Steve Jobs isn’t deleted, he was just moved to another folder. In metaphorical terms.


The first I heard of the news – I was on my way back from Montreal. I received this txt message at 8:05 PM on Wednesday, October 5th, “FYI: Steve Jobs had died”. I can’t say I was shocked, but I surely was astonished to learn of his grave health at such as young age.

I’ve been a timeline follower of Steve Jobs. I had sound predictions in his products and up-comings. I’ve been a user since the first LC-II. Oh so I miss that machine. While I type this article in my MacBook Pro surrounded by G4 Desktops and iPods, loyal to Safari amidst all the crashes – I keep wondering if my predictions will be as sound as they were before.

Steve Jobs isn’t deleted, he was just moved to another folder.

His work will live on. His vision will always be admired for many years and generations to come. But I may not have a crystal ball up-top and predict on what’s to come with the new Chief of State – Tim Cook. It’s like walking into an entirely new country for me. Take it for what it is, discover and re-discover each turn and experience your ups and downs. I’m just confident to say, Steve Jobs hasn’t been deleted… he was just moved to another folder. A folder that I can still base my predictions on for another year. Giving me time to start up an entire new kettle and boil up some new experiences with Tim.

2012 to any should be an interesting year. As we are drifting further away from the global recession and experiences a lot more quakes and natural distraction. 2012 is about living your life to the fullest. Is about setting new examples and about thinking differently.  And whatever happens – happens. Take it for what it is, stay calm and move on.

Make 2012 YOUR eventful year. And celebrate each moment as if its your first. I know I will. Till then, see you at the other side.


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padpholio to present at “Likeable Awards”

On Saturday, August 27th – 2011, Toronto will be experiencing the world’s first 24-HOUR blogging festival. From about 8:30am till the very next morning – Canada’s hottest community bloggers, social media enthusiast and your average web industry geek will be attending WORD11.

So we decided to do something different – fresh and fun, we are not saying WORD11 is not that. It’s totally that. Fun that is and engaging and educational and do we have to go on… In partnership with the fine folks from Sticker You, we are proud to bring you “Likeable Awards” - A fun and engaging award night based on sociable actions to be liked, followed and favoured.

If you took this opportunity to register for this event, you will have a chance to not only be liked by many like-minded creatives and developers but quiet possibly win up-to $3000 in giveaways from wicked industry sponsors and supporters who simply love this idea in the first place – YAY US!!:

Along with some sweet limited edition swag, super recognition from wickedly fresh padpholio team. We are in search for the next “Most Liked” blogger… join us, join the celebration – make a web of difference. And for those of you who are wondering, we got discount codes to get you in and be there with the rest of the crowd. Simply use: padpholio when you register right here.

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padpholio top 6 finalists

If you haven’t heard so yet, we have been selected to be one of the top 6 online web startups in Canada under Mesh 2011 Conference. On Wednesday, May 25th; along five sweet startups will be given the opportunity and chance to present ourselves for the very first time to the crowd of many more than usual tech savvy citizens.

We look forward to engage the crowd as we build up our face-time within the community. It is events like these that truly bring our team together and energized to make a difference.  We know what we have here is something good; something potential and something that the creative community truly needs. Don’t count our words on it, try us out if you haven’t already.

If you are attending Mesh11, make sure to visit us – talk to us and play with us. Don’t forget to vote – we really would appreciate it. Check out who else made it within the top listings.

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FITC turns 10 – What a Celebration

The fine folks of CreativeNiche presented us an opportunity to visit and experience FITC as they have celebrated their biggest birthday yet – their 10th. Interactive, New-Media Designers and Coders worldwide attended this special birthplace edition. Cotton Candy and popcorn was served alongside some very talented creative faces of the land.


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