Personal Reflections | the good and bad of Google Glass

Now, I might be a bit premature to say this; but for those of you who actually excited of Google’s latest hush hush project; this surely deserves a huge top up mention – Google Glass. Check out the clip below and be prepared to be blown.


After visualizing this; for the first time of my life; I said to myself – this is totally getting worth getting my hands on. And for the price tag of $1800 its a sweet deal. Don’t you think? So I can imagine, how many of my own friends and industry developers want to take the right steps to submit for this sweet tool. Almost instantly, I know a good handful.

Nevertheless, it was till I saw this video in my facebook feed from our friends at Atendy; got me thinking a bit further:

As much as I love the concept of formulating a way to meet someone in a crowd; based on mutual interests or area of expertise. We are pretty much killing all our options of having a decent leading up conversation; truly opening doors to all opportunities that come to our way. Sure Google Glass could potentially help our world economy find stuff better, meet a potential mate or even help in the decline of high divorce rates. But seriously what will happen – when human interaction has gone into the poopers. Are we building toward a social-less society or have we found a way to advance our skills beyond the means of true greatness?

In short, as much as I love the concept and the ideation of Google Glass coming to our palms. I just keep wondering, how much harder do we need to work to be part of the “in group”. To be more socially found. To be part of the community. Accepted for who we are and not for you want us to be.

What do you think?

creative director/co-founder

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