Is who you know, overrated?


Karnpreet Singh, UI Designer - India

If you reflect back in time; when the cream of the crop was simply around every corner and job hunting was determined based on who you know over what you know; then you think this still applies in this day and age. Well my friends, your dead wrong.

Thanks to Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and lots more behind them … who you know doesn’t hold much value as what once been. Thanks to social media; we have become one big blub of goo… mushed together; short from anything special. So .. what can be done to get noticed? It’s not networking… or picking up every card that comes in-front of you. Going out to events, meeting people. Bah! Networking…

As a creative; your better than that. Be your own line opener. Show quality over quantity. Build a hub of like-minded personalities that not only compliment to your shoes but make you a better and stronger creative. Be their cream of the crop and truly the recommended voice in their every mind. You want networking? Do it in your own terms; BE the cream. Don’t follow what million of other folks are doing. So so Wrong!

Personally, I found attending smaller engagements have helped me build my personal brand better. I have become the recommended source on their next recruiting and direction projects; the contact of choice on their upcoming efforts or on their greatest dilemmas. I’m just perfect in putting the right solutions together – be it the right people, resources & tips or even tool integrations. However, when attending large gatherings; I just don’t get the same flavour by nights end.. I have to work harder to remember who I met and what we discussed about. That said my advice, be selective – its not who you know; it’s how you know them.

Until the next one.

Creative Director/Co-founder

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  • Audrey Yates

    When it comes to relationships, I like to focus on quality not quantity. As it sounds somewhat flippant and pat as an answer, it begs the question of what a quality relationship looks like? I would have to say that being reciprocal is a key part of a quality relationshi and what you are reciprocal about will vary from relationship to relationship; sometimes its advice or listening, sometimes introductions, sometimes assistance and often course business agreements. Where there is a long-standing reciprocal arrangement, there is likely a quality relationship.