How the Grinch stole padpholio



In November of 2012; there was a fight to the finish among the powers on the future of padpholio. The truth of the matter is while 3 co-founders came together to build a stronger, a smarter and more beneficial platform to help creatives to be better noticed, each of the founders had their own intent on the future of the community at large.

As time progressed and inputs build up, padpholio made more internal frictions than stronger portfolios. In the Spring of 2012, ShowBook Week was introduced to the creative community. A day and evening event that allowed creative talent to have one-one-one opportunity to meet creative heads on their portfolios. To be guided better, to promote their works, to have direction. The event was a total success. In October of 2012, ShowBook Week returned for the second time. What’s more ShowBook Week was an opportunity as a team to hear our community interests in our platform, voices of concerns and thoughts to make us better.

It is in this one, I “tm mahdi” fought for every creative that provided us input; for every designer who put up their works online and for every talent who put pride behind their work. “Enough is Enough“, padpholio who had a service advantage to give back to the market.. now strive to catch against all the newest industry competitors. I stood my ground along my team of developers to bring back what we lost.

2012 has been a very good year for us. Lots of work been initiated and accomplished and lots more to do, fix and apply in the year ahead. The vision of the team has surely changed since the idea was first created. The vision did not change because of our competitors or because of our community, it was because the co-founders couldn’t see eye-to-eye. Tasks assigned by one founder, tend to not to be followed-up by another, internal processes keep changing by other members and not by project managers and new features become developed without any discussion by the team leaving all the existing offerings … buggy.

The Christmas Grinch came early, 2013 holds strong with Shareholder Patrick Hojjat, CTO stepping down from padpholio. From early November till just before the new year, padpholio has been guided and directed by me. Our developers have been hard at work to fix and apply a buggy-free platform, stronger navigation and a more intuitive voice to the community at large. Of course after 2+ years building up padpholio; there is lots more to do to bring back the platform to where it was.

In part of this rejuvenating effort, padpholio first two quarters of 2013 will be in preview mode. Upon the satisfaction of myself and the team, followed by the growing of our subscriber list, I will reinstate padpholio’s private beta status from 2.01. This application will apply back the unfinished works developed by Patrick and move continuously forward in the best interest of our supporters. To be challenged, resourceful, innovative and creative to the community.

Until the next release, keep it fruitful

Creative Director/Co-founder

/team padpholio
– Ali-Reza Asarizadeh, Advisor
– Hanna Tran, Co-founder
– Patrick Hojjat, Co-founder
– Paul Ding, Senior Developer
– Jeffrey Luzuriaga, Junior Developer

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