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Adobe buys behance just in time for Christmas.

During the holidays, I have spent a considerable time day in and day out watching on the tube Christmas stories; from the Naughty & Nice List to Candy Cane Street. 2012 has been a very strong year among creatives and platforms like ours. Lots of good and of course bad stories to share. Of course; I sure to keep you in the loop on every little and big development that makes you great; while putting our 2013 on the map even stronger.










Now to the main story of the season, A word from Behance,

Our mission continues: we want to empower creative people and teams to make ideas happen. We believe that a free and open platform to showcase work – and get discovered – will serve creative careers in extraordinary ways. Not only will we leverage Adobe’s resources to further build Behance, but we have been tasked with the responsibility to influence and improve Adobe’s services for the creative community – making them more collaborative and in sync with the future of creative workflow.

In practical terms, our team will continue to implement our (very ambitious) roadmap for Behance and integrate Behance features into Adobe’s services. We are eager to translate the site into multiple languages and leverage the latest technology to display creative work. 99U, our annual conference, and all of our efforts to educate and organize the creative community will continue to grow. And finally, we will explore new opportunities to move the creative industry forward, through better discovery applications, more transparency in the creative process, and providing access to the data behind the creative world at work.

Adobe has made some bold changes lately, including (1) breaking the traditional software package model with Creative Cloud, an affordable subscription for Adobe’s creative tools and services, (2) the acquisition of Typekit as a big step forward in offering services that make the web better, (3) doubling down on HTML5, and (4) becoming a more active contributor to open source essentials like jQuery, PhoneGap and WebKit and developing new open source-based web tools and services that will evolve the web as we know it (   We’re thrilled to lead the next bold move: making community a central part of Adobe’s future. No doubt, the future of creative careers will depend on attribution and exposure for creative work, as well as tools to connect, learn, and get opportunity.

We couldn’t be more excited for the road ahead.

Reflection On The Road Behind

This occasion also prompts reflection on the path we’ve taken as a team. We bootstrapped for five years, made plenty of mistakes and discoveries, and constantly reworked our products, business, and process. Over the years, we’ve become both a team and a family. In good times and challenging times, our mission kept us together and moving forward. Most of all, your stories – and your work – kept us inspired and humble. We are deeply grateful to the Behance community, and we aspire to build a better Behance that enhances your creations and career in the years to come.

We’ll do our very best to exceed your expectations.

Behance Team


So what does that mean for the creative community? Well folks, the future is strong and creatives as we know it are aggressively looking to get noticed. Behance sure has most of the buttons in play and the support of Adobe will sure give them what they need. This creative scene will still be growing and thriving without a doubt. And adobe will buy again.

Until the next read.
Happy Holidays

Creative Director

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