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When we held our last ShowBook Week this past April, we did not only have real industry home-grown talent on our hands, we carried an array of fruitful creatives, designers and programmers to boot. And a mist all the creative crowd, came industry experienced and distinctive Creative and Art Directors from Toronto’s hardworking and award winning agencies. They attended to participate in something no other… a one-on-one hands-on engagement for 45 straight minutes. Each of our attending guests came out with something special. To some it was direction, input and the ability to promote their work; to others it was a voice to call home to. While for the rest, it was a job; a contract; an opportunity to be noticed by.

For talented Illustrator, like Gabriella Yangi Guo and expressive Producer, Gwen Lim-Brydson it has been a financially rewarding experience to this day. “We simply got what we paid for and more” by attending to ShowBook Week. They are some of few talented creatives who had their books-out and landed with something a-lot more.

From October 20th till 26th, ShowBook Week returns with avenges. 6 Awesome Creative Directors willing to push up their sleeves and get down to make your books better. So what it does it mean to you? For $22 a seat you will be able to book your spot with a director of your choice. You will be given 45 minutes with that one director to be intimate with. UHHMM.. we mean on your books not that other thing…sheesh!! Internet is provided to you if need one, even a report card on your books filled with hand-written tips, suggestions, contacts that you probably never imagined having in one-sitting. Don’t hesitate to bring with you lots of cards. Your not only meeting up with the Director, you will be given a chance to exchange with others just like YOU. It’s an industry of collaboration. And best of all, you will be provided with your own upgraded beta portfolio on  Though we are hard at work in making our platform better, padpholio has been gaining lots of notice by recruiters, agencies and industry collaborators.

We are here to get you noticed. Flat out truth!!

To see who is participating and how to register your seat, visit us at ShowBook Week. And HEY!! Don’t forget to share us to all your creative friends who might want to get more on from their works. We all want more.. don’t we??

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