NEWS: ShowBook Week 12.2 hits Toronto on October 20th

After the success of the very first ShowBook Week last April catered to Toronto’s creative communities. It was simply a shut case that we have to do this again. The feed back from Creative Directors and Interactive Art Directors; the input of young and seasoned talent and the opportune this week long engagement provided to everyone – was a clear indication … we were on something right. Something this market needed and something we proud to say the least – we are the first to make ShowBook Week a reality.

I bet your wondering, what the heck is ShowBook Week and why me as a designer, illustrator, developer, photographer, artist, videographer or an all around happy happy fellow could benefit from this. Simply put,

ShowBook Week is an intimate 1-on-1 showcase of Senior and Lead Creatives providing hands-on portfolio knowledge, guidance and direction to industry talented designers and visual artists over their books.

With ShowBook Week 12.2,  our talented guests will gain a unique perspective, a voice, real contacts, absolute knowledge and new-found engagement with possibilities of work. In this edition from October 20th till 26th in 3 secret city spots, we have reserved 23 seats to have a 45-minute experience with their portfolios and their Director’s of choice attending from Toronto’s sweetest shops – Secret Location, Method, Anderson DDB, Iconica Communications and our very own home base – padpholio.

Alkarim Nasser, BNOTIONSWhat better reason to come out that to participate an evening with President & Founder, Alkarim Nasser of BNOTIONS at the 6th Annual Prospecting Freelancer happening on Tuesday, October 23rd at Toronto’s East End… This lead discussion will cover the triumph and challenges Alkarim faced to make it where he is today. He will share his story and what he has learned in his path of discovery to becoming a successful freelancer to a mogul in the digital innovation sector. Join us and feel free to share this memorable evening with your friends.

It costs $22 to attend ShowBook Week with every 45-minute session booked with a Creative/Art Director. $15 to Prospecting Freelancer with Alkarim Nasser. Spots are limited. Director List below:



Art Director, Loe Russell | Anderson DDB
Detail to follow… stay tuned…

  • Near Dundas W & University (location will be emailed to registrants only)

Creative Catalyst, Jeff Mann | Method
Passionate, strategic and eclectic best describe Jeff’s approach to creative work. Plucked from Humber College Ad & Graphic Design, Jeff jumped right into the deep end of the ad game, producing ads for Mercedes-Benz, CIBC, Nestle (Coffee Crisp), Coors Light and Coca-Cola with a roster of agencies that included Lowe/Roche and Draft FCB. His experience on the agency side led him to be recruited by one of the worlds most loved brands, Virgin Mobile. Initiating the role of creative director from the company’s Canadian start-up phase, he was responsible for the overall VM Canada visual brand design. Jeff thrives on the potential of big ideas, creative innovation and entrepreneurship. It is not surprising that when the opportunity arose, he founded Method Creative Studios Inc. In 2010 he was named Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by the Toronto Business Development Centre in recognition of his work building Method. Jeff is currently launching his third business,, a VC backed online marketplace for buying and selling 3D stock models and assets.

  • Near University & Dundas (address will be emailed to registrants only)

Creative Director / Partner, Pietro Gagliano | Secret Location
Spirited and innovative Creative Director, Pietro Gagliano has always had the knack for combining seemingly disparate concepts and channels into creations that heighten user perceptions, interaction, and experiences. To date, as Partner and Creative Director of Secret Location, he has both carved out a career merging disciplines and platforms, as well as a unique niche space his agency now regularly plays in. Pietro and his award-winning work have been recognized by the creative and interactive communities through numerous awards and nominations including: an International Emmy, a Gemini Award, multiple FWAs, Webby Awards, and a Cannes Lion nomination. Drawing from over 12 years experience in branding, motion graphics, videography, interactive design, and web development, Pietro is a true multidisciplinary digital native. He has done work for clients that include Coca-Cola, Nissan, the National Film Board of Canada, Smirnoff, Nickelodeon, and HBO. When he’s not creating ground breaking work with his team, he may be found watching a space documentary or collecting parts for his robot cat.

  • Near Yonge & Queen (location will be emailed to registrants only)

Art Director, Trevor Joyce | Iconica Communications
Trevor founded ICONICA Communications in September 2002 and has grown it into a service oriented company focused on helping it’s clientele exceed their sales and meet their business goals. After completing Graphic Design he continued to focus on a career within the print and marketing industry over the past 12 years. Iconica is a design, print photography and web hot house that helps its clients create, maintain or improve their visual identity and increase sales.

  • Near Yonge & Queen (location will be emailed to registrants only)

Creative Director, Tm Mahdi | padpholio
Tm holds a forever love to educating oneself. With over a decade in life skills, he has founded one of the fastest growing small business web development enterprises to one of the most recognized and only directories in its sector. Tm has been involved in various projects and initiatives + orchestrated over 34 events to date around entrepreneurship for creative professionals and aspiring startups. Tm has held various executive positions to this day. And is currently Chief Creative Director at PYLOT; Co-founder/ Creative Director of padpholio, Managing Partner at OpenH and the Directing Curator at Cg6 Inc. He’s a busy man…

  • Near King & Spadina (location will be emailed to registrants only)

Until next time…


Questions? Call 1416.238.6881






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  • Jacob

    He was rich from the beginning & worked with people wisely to get to where he is now.

  • Craw

    So where do I buy my ticket from? 

    • team padpholio

      Craw, that’s great question!! Thanks for the interest :)
      You can buy your ticket by going to and click on the orange “register” link, followed by selecting “October 23rd”. Let us know if you have further questions. We be happy to answer them :D

      See you at the other side!!
      /team padpholio

  • J S

    Alkarim actually came from pretty humble beginnings. Worked like a dog since he was 14. Clearly you don’t know him. Haters are always a pretty good sign that you’ve succeeded. Great work, AK – keep it up.