nichefive, an industry hit.


It was a cozy and warm evening at Lausberg Contemporary; attending our very first industry open portfolio review & internship night under this formatting. The white gallery displayed with CONTACT Festival pieces portrayed “family”.

And as a “family” of creatives & developers, nichefive had its own family. On May 8th/2012 - The room was packed with Creative Directors, Senior Art Directors, CEO’s and Head Hunters, Lead Designers and recent graduates. The night ended with a few portfolio reviews and directions going past closing time. Actually way past closing time.

But what the night opened up-to is connections; discussions and laughter. The new padpholio iPad webapp was introduced – though in private beta and still rough around the edges; it surely was one of the topics of the night. Along with Lu Taskey, a retired Producer of 40+ years who has done work for CBC, Coca-Cola, Green P and Prime Minster of Canada.

Each and every person came out with someting. If not a business card or a friend, an online space to call home to be better web found and sooner noticed by agencies. If not direction on thier books; tips to meet the right folks. And if not internships, contracts to build up their portfolios. The evening was a total hit. The industry professionals who came out to the night looking for designers, talent and synergy found the crowd exactly what they needed. A mix of experiences, soothed by passion and creative ingenuity.

This is a first of many portfolio development and direction engagements that will be introduced under the “Niche Series“. We are not just celebrating design; we are creating better books. Building better books better and whipping up better creations. All starting from our complimentary, privately upgraded beta portfolio service on

Our industry hit, nichefive is first of many industry engagements to follow; to prep up for and to showcase real works for greater rewards. Our organized engagements and nights will consist of Pitch Nights; of ShowBook Weeks; of Portfolio Classrooms; of Industry Discussions and of Industry Tours and Recognition Nights. All with the intent to make your books better, stronger noticed and bolder for the community.

We want to end this thank you from the bottom of our hearts with a request of our own. We want your feedback; not only about our event, but also on our platform – padpholio. We do take in and consider all inputs. We credit and admire all suggestions; reward all our contributors and work with all our community. We know exactly how difficult is it to get and be noticed. We know what it means to make you better. Otherwise, padpholio would not have been born nor would not be where we are today; without your support; your contribution and belief in us.

Thanks Again,

/team padpholio
- Tm Mahdi, CD/Co-Founder
– Patrick Hojjat, CTO/Co-Founder
– Hanna Tran, Co-Founder || portfolio engine with creative attitude.

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