NAME THAT TAG Contest Draw to win an all access pass to showbook week and padpholio niche

We’ve put together some important dates. Not the one you take out for dinner and a movie. The ones you are proud to ride your work on. If you have been following our blog; you would know that May 1st is something you truly want to mark your calendars for aside. Cuz if you seriously don’t, then you might as well wet your bed for passing this night by.

Tuesday, May 8th, we will proudly open up our doors for the 5th experience - padpholio nicheA portfolio review & internship night for visual artists in areas of media, design, interactive and publishing. You don’t have to be a graduate to attend this ONE evening event – you just have to have great work. THE attitude to flaunt it to industry professionals and media enthusiast. And just because of that, we are going to give you an insiders access to proudly owning your work on the world wide web without a paying a penny more than coming out to that night. A respecting value of up-to $192. “own it”

We are not going to stop there… Were you aware that padpholio niche is kicking of May 8th as its 5th year? Over 600 creatives of all walks, from as far as Germany have attended this special night in TWO great Canadian cities. Lots of opportunities been landed – ongoing contracts to this day, paid internships, agency startups and even jobs. REMEMBER when we said, we are not going to stop there… well we are not.. really!! Look here > From April 14th till 20th; we will open up to 50 young and experienced creatives to have a one-on-one exclusive meet with their books and an art director. You will have a chance to share your work to up-to 10 directors for 45 straight minutes and get real industry input, direction that you have been craving to have. What’s more!! we will reserve your spot for padpholio niche; giving you an opp to focus on building up your portfolio for the evening. You simply can buy your tickets at the door as if you got them online at a discounted pricing. We call this special one-on-one engagement > SHOWBOOK WEEK 2012. “own it” by booking an evening with a director. An awesome value of $18/45 minutes.

NOW, we are sure your getting the idea.. this is not an event you want to pass up. Lets make it more exciting > HUH! What… there is more…

$531 in combined value more.. As of Sunday, March 11th for 29 straight days; you will have a chance to test your knowledge of our wonderful city – Toronto. The artists, the community, the people and what more – your ability to increase your chances to get ONE all access pass to showbook week 2012 with up-to 10 directors with a complimentary entry to padpholio niche for you and TWO of your most creative friends; 3 drink tickets and an insiders premium upgrade to; whereby you will able to own the web and surely get your work noticed by agencies. Did we mention; that your attending friends will get that too!! Sweet!!


  1. Visit our facebook fan page :
  2. Like us, share us if you haven’t done so yet.
  3. Look at our cover photo; know it? Follow the instructions where to go to tag it.
  4. Submit your answers and repeat step 1.

All tagged photos will be announced on our facebook fan site. Tip: Be the first to tag the photo with the correct answer to increase your draw chances of winning the full prize.

It’s simple as that. It costs you absolutely nothing to play “name that tag”.  Winner will be announced on our social media properties and padpholio social (newsletter) on April 10th, 2012.

Name That Tag wouldn’t have been possible without the effortless support and contribution of Nour Bawab; our Assisting Coordinator on padpholio niche and padpholio’s Tm Mahdi, CD/Director & Co-Founder. Until the next announcement.



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