bringing back via demand, Graduate Series as “padpholio niche”


Would you believe the creation of padpholio was actually derived by a popular annual night since established in 2007. What was once, Ontario’s largest portfolio review and internship night is now a portfolio engine focused to assist local designers and media enthusiast, graduates and students like yourself to be web found and sooner noticed by agencies and industry recruiters.

In fact, much of 2011; our team took time off aside from the Graduate Series to build padpholio; the test beta presence you are experiencing today; now can be touched upon in a new realm of showing off. Video below created by the much loved up+atom on 2010, Graduate 4.0 (now introduced as “padpholio niche“).


The Graduate Series comes to you with a lot of history; sweet accomplishments, top mentions and a channel of much respected supporting schools from all across Ontario and Quebec with designers presenting their work from as far as Germany in our home-town.

BIG DIFFERENCE: unlike the Graduate Series, NicheFIVE is open to all from the industry; especially in the areas of  media, design, interactive and publishing. Spots are limited in this artistically enduring venue, so you can proudly top up your books with some influential inputs by creative directors/partners, agencies and respected shops. Not to mention recruiters; employers and industry connectors that maybe in search of new talent – someone just like yourself.

Open up your calendar, set an event for May 1st – and let Toronto debut in this flavourable shameless act of love; with one soul purpose – to make you better. Join our alerts to be informed of the latest news, developments and perks. As well upcoming schedule; registration detail and volunteer. If you have interests in sponsoring and want some traction; don’t be shy to review our media kit for 2012 niche series.

We love questions, call Cg6 Inc 1416.238.6881 to get you off-the-ground.
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