appreciating the details, introducing version 1.9


From week-to-week, our team huddles up around one station and crunch not on numbers, but on design, efficiency and well-being of padpholio, its users and outlook on growth. It is one moment that we are all excited about to meet and exceed on tasks and goals. We proudly call this moment, devCrunch.

On the release of Version 1.9, we had live updates on the hour, every hour. Saturday, January 21st – our very first devCrunch for 2012 was extremely accomplishing. 21 tasks and goals met and now live on padpholio.

Most importantly, we love to hear your feedback. Your thoughts, your inputs is what thrives us to make padpholio better, stronger and inspiring for our creative community. Don’t hesitate to shout-out directly, or through our social media channels: facebook | twitter | linkedin. The fixings of 1.9 has propelled from the input of others in areas of Social Branding, Usability, Financial, Marketing and Blogsphere.

Lets make it clear. We are in Test Beta Mode. That only means, there is a lot more to do than what meets your eye and we love your feedback, thoughts and inputs. It only helps us to make padpholio a much better engine for all creatives. You get?

21 tasks and goals were met, here is a few to share:

Moving Forward: For many months our landing page, as hurtful to the eye it might is not letting you know if we are an active community or not. There is nothing interactive about it. While we crunch on our new landing page to release soon. We like to present you some direction of where we stand in our developments. First of, gander your beautiful eyes up to our header and look what the arrow has brought in. We are currently in Version 1.9 and just left the world of 1.8. You can visit our blog for frequent updates and developments of our current and most up-to-date releases and look back of all the ones we were on (starting from 1.9).

You are now in the loop. Moving forward, visit our blog often for the latest updates on everything to do with the platform + community news an developments.

  • My suggestion is to join our mailing list. It only helps you and us. You can currently find our mailing list form at padpholio home page. This will change soon enough. And we will fix liner as it happens.

myPad: My who? Upon logging into your account, you will relize that we no longer have “My Account”. myPad is your home; a place where you grab passion and love off the shelf and apply new designs. A place where you can call home and make changes as frequently as possible or as little possible. And like a home, you will have guests. Those guests will either be feature changes, upgrades or simply stats of where you stand.

Counter Talks: Ok, it literally doesn’t talk to you. That would be actually really annoying if it does. We found it being really annoying to have a bio section without knowing what’s your character limit. So we did something, I am sure you will thank us for … add a counter. For the moment we have limited this section to 500 characters. If you are one of those  chatter-box,  do let us know, we would be happy to increase the limit at our next upcoming devCrunch.

Skype: For users with Natalia, Nerissa, Trevor and Phunk – can now have Skype applied to their accounts. While Marilyn and Emily plans are limited to having their phones on file.

Shorting the URL: Now that was long… We are not referring one of those short url services like tinyURL and We releasing end of 2012 a short url for your padpholio portfolio; whereby you can proudly flaunt on your web and media presence. In this moment, your padpholio account looks like this:

TOC/Privacy Statement: Now we have one. It’s as simple as that. You are more than welcome to download the PDF version or simply read the entire two pages at the footer of the site. If you have any questions, let us know. If you think we abused anything, let us know. And if you think if there was trademark infringement… again.. let us know…

Now that wasn’t hard .. was it.. Actually it wasn’t. They were tiny modifications for something bigger in this release. Here is what you expect to see 1.9:

  • A sweeter landing. With tips and suggestions, why you should join and share padpholio to your friends and colleagues.
  • Better search results. You cannot call yourself a portfolio engine – if searching is not your main thing. This is one area that will be improved at every visit.
  • Being in the know. Don’t you want to know where you rank? How many follows you have? And what you can do about it to make it a better experience? We were stunt when we reviewed the details on our end. We want to share you what we see and how to make it a better experience for you and us.
  • More options. Opt-In/Out on feature offerings, portfolio definition and upgrades.
  • Phunk advancements. Refined searching, better layout, more integration to make your agency noticed better.

The introductory release of v1.9 could not be made possible by the wonderful suggestions of:

  1. Synchronized Skater Champion; Social Media Girl & Blogger, Georgia Sapounas
  2. Interactive Media Producer & Artist, Advisor to padpholio, Faisal Anwar
  3. Financial Advisor, IA Proficient, Photographer, Advisor to padpholio, Mimi Lee
  4. Sales and Marketing Director, Really good in what she does, Vivianne Gauci
  5. Proud WordPress Designer, Blogger & Social Media Guru, Robert Cairns

Until the next fix :)


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