Steve Jobs isn’t deleted, he was just moved to another folder. In metaphorical terms.


The first I heard of the news – I was on my way back from Montreal. I received this txt message at 8:05 PM on Wednesday, October 5th, “FYI: Steve Jobs had died”. I can’t say I was shocked, but I surely was astonished to learn of his grave health at such as young age.

I’ve been a timeline follower of Steve Jobs. I had sound predictions in his products and up-comings. I’ve been a user since the first LC-II. Oh so I miss that machine. While I type this article in my MacBook Pro surrounded by G4 Desktops and iPods, loyal to Safari amidst all the crashes – I keep wondering if my predictions will be as sound as they were before.

Steve Jobs isn’t deleted, he was just moved to another folder.

His work will live on. His vision will always be admired for many years and generations to come. But I may not have a crystal ball up-top and predict on what’s to come with the new Chief of State – Tim Cook. It’s like walking into an entirely new country for me. Take it for what it is, discover and re-discover each turn and experience your ups and downs. I’m just confident to say, Steve Jobs hasn’t been deleted… he was just moved to another folder. A folder that I can still base my predictions on for another year. Giving me time to start up an entire new kettle and boil up some new experiences with Tim.

2012 to any should be an interesting year. As we are drifting further away from the global recession and experiences a lot more quakes and natural distraction. 2012 is about living your life to the fullest. Is about setting new examples and about thinking differently.  And whatever happens – happens. Take it for what it is, stay calm and move on.

Make 2012 YOUR eventful year. And celebrate each moment as if its your first. I know I will. Till then, see you at the other side.


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