padpholio to present at “Likeable Awards”

On Saturday, August 27th – 2011, Toronto will be experiencing the world’s first 24-HOUR blogging festival. From about 8:30am till the very next morning – Canada’s hottest community bloggers, social media enthusiast and your average web industry geek will be attending WORD11.

So we decided to do something different – fresh and fun, we are not saying WORD11 is not that. It’s totally that. Fun that is and engaging and educational and do we have to go on… In partnership with the fine folks from Sticker You, we are proud to bring you “Likeable Awards” - A fun and engaging award night based on sociable actions to be liked, followed and favoured.

If you took this opportunity to register for this event, you will have a chance to not only be liked by many like-minded creatives and developers but quiet possibly win up-to $3000 in giveaways from wicked industry sponsors and supporters who simply love this idea in the first place – YAY US!!:

Along with some sweet limited edition swag, super recognition from wickedly fresh padpholio team. We are in search for the next “Most Liked” blogger… join us, join the celebration – make a web of difference. And for those of you who are wondering, we got discount codes to get you in and be there with the rest of the crowd. Simply use: padpholio when you register right here.

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